Modular Access Ramps, Staircases, Steps and Walkways

Access Ramps | 5 Year Warranty

1800/2250mm Modular Public Access Ramp System

  • Compliant with building regulations Part M.
  • Site survey by our engineers.
  • Modular design allows access ramps to be easily re-located.
  • Does not block air bricks.
  • No footings or foundations required.
  • 1800 mm square platforms.
  • 1800 mm wide ramp.
  • Slip resistant fibre glass flooring panels with drainage holes.
  • Aluminium floor frames.
  • PARS own unique Double ‘warm to touch’ handrail all round.
  • 1 in 15 gradient as standard.
  • 100 mm kick ledge each side.
  • Quickly installed by our installation team.
  • De-installation service offered.
  • Legs adjustable to suit undulating ground.
  • DDA compliant.
  • BS8300 compliant.

Optional Extras

  • Balustrade with PARS own unique ‘warm to touch’ handrail.
  • 34mm diameter Powder coated steel double handrail all round.
  • Any width ramp to suit site dimensions.
  • Supply only for your engineers to install.
  • Any gradient to suit site dimensions.
  • Solid slip resistant fibre glass flooring panels.
  • Removable floor panels for manhole access.
  • Modular steps from platform to ground.
  • Access safety gate at steps.

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