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Rail Ramps

Often the car park at a railway station is situated at a different level to the platform. This can make access difficult for commuters and impossible for wheelchair users. The answer could be a PARS RAIL RAMP which could be installed either over, alongside or away from existing stairs. Providing safe access for wheelchairs and commuters.

PARS will use the services of a professional site surveyor who will visit site to take dimensions and levels using the latest Total Station and GPS equipment. This information is passed on to our design office which will produce a drawing for your approval.

The normal PARS design consists of a series of support towers at 7 metres pitch with support beams spanning the gaps between the towers. The towers are firmly fixed down to a solid concrete base. Flooring frames are modular in design allowing them to be easily lifted into position and firmly bolted to the support beams. A 100 mm kick ledge is built into each side of the flooring panels. Each tower has horizontal flooring to form a rest area.

The flooring on the Outdoor Staircase is slip resistant fibre glass mesh which allows rain and melted snow to pass through thus decreasing the danger of an icy surface building up.

Balustrade is provided each side of the system for public safety with PARS own unique ‘warm to touch’ handrail on top of the balustrade frames.

Stairs can also be provided, with rest platforms as required, as access for able bodied commuters. Slip resistant fibre glass mesh is used on the steps and platforms. Risers are solid as recommended by most rail companies.

A full set of structural engineers calculations are available on request.

We at PARS have the facility in our UK factory, to manufacture and weld all of our own frames, legs and brackets and therefore have full control of the manufacturing programme which can be quickly and easily changed. Hot zinc spraying, galvanising and powder coating are carried out by local small specialist companies.

Rail Ramp Installation

When we install a rail ramp system it is usually necessary to hire a mini-crane to lift the support towers, support beams and floor frames into position. Our fitters are fully trained to use such a crane safely. A recent 80 metre long system was installed by PARS fitters in three weeks

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