About PARS

PARS Modular Ramps & Modular Wheelchair Ramps are preferred by many local authorities because no expensive foundations are required; usually a 300 mm square slab under each foot will suffice. This means that the ramp system can be removed from a property leaving little sign of its existence there. Also, the system can be easily and quickly installed at a different property. Because of its modular design it can be rebuilt in a completely different pattern.

We at PARS have our own site survey engineers who will visit your site to take measurements and levels. This information is passed on to our design office which will produce a ramp layout CAD drawing for your approval.

PARS modular ramps & Modular Wheelchair Ramps are free standing so do not usually need planning approval.

PARS Modular Ramps & Modular wheelchair ramps use adjustable legs to cope with uneven ground surface.

Although there are standard panel sizes the PARS system will allow any panel size to suit individual requirements.

PARS modular ramps are ‘Environmentally Friendly’ because any rain is free to drain through the fibre glass mesh floor panels and straight onto the ground under the system. Also the PARS ramp system can be easily moved to a different site thereby recycling the parts.

A PARS modular ramp system can be quickly installed by our installation team, or your own engineers, without the necessity for special lifting gear.

PARS modular wheelchair ramps are safer because with their slip resistant fibre glass mesh flooring, which allows rain and melted snow to pass through, the danger of an icy surface building up is greatly reduced.

On a PARS Modular Ramp system, all mild steel components are either hot zinc sprayed, galvanised or powder coated giving a durable and maintenance free installation.

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