Modular Residential Access Ramp System

Any ramp can have steps added to it for ambulant

Our system stands on its own adjustable legs

Key clamp style bi-rail to
protect from falling providing grip and support

Extremely slip resistant,
even in wet or icy conditions

Rigorously tested
to take the weight of wheelchairs, powered chairs and scooters

Black, Beige.

300mm standard going, bespoke possible.

Modular gates can be fitted on any platform or at the top of steps.

Floor frames with removable panels to access drains or other maintenance areas beneath the ramp.

What is a Modular Ramp?

A modular ramp system is built using standard sections. These sections can be mixed and matched in lots of different ways to create platforms, ramps or steps, or even a combination of all of them.

They can be built, added to or changed very quickly, making them versatile and cheaper than traditional concrete or timber ramps.

Why Choose a Modular Ramp?


Quick and easy installation of standard parts means a modular ramp will be cheaper than you think!

Long build time and not reusable means concrete ramps are often expensive

Although some can be cheap, they are usually more expensive than modular ramps and can’t be reused

Usually within a day

Several days or more

A few days

Corrosion resistant coatings means our ramps can be in place for 15 years or more, and any defects are easily replaced

A little too long lasting, they are permanent!

Timber will eventually rot, making it weak, slippery and unsafe

Can be removed quicker than it is built

Expensive demolition works required to remove

Easier, but not as easy as a PARS Ramp

Our ramps do not require destruction of the environment and are reusable

Permanent and wasteful

Not usually reusable

Not required


Usually not required

Quick Contact

    Do I need a Ramp?

    The first step is deciding what sort of access you need and what is possible. Our ramps are often intended to allow wheelchair users to access their homes. You may also want a ramp to make walking into your property easier. If a ramp would not fit or is not needed you might prefer steps, complete with handrails. We can go over existing steps and add more steps in to make them shallower. Or have the best of both worlds. With our system, you can have a ramp, steps or both!

    How big does my ramp need to be?

    To get an idea of the size of ramp you require, decide on a gradient and then multiply it by the height it needs to get to (usually from ground level to the bottom of your door if the ground is flat. Remember to leave room for platforms at the door and any turning spaces (usually 1.2m)

    I want a ramp, steps or platform

    It’s time to contact us! Our details can be found at the end of this brochure. After your initial enquiry, we can provide you with a personally tailored layout drawing and quote. If you are unsure on what you need we can usually arrange a free survey by our professional surveyors.


    If you or the user is registered disabled, you may be entitled to full or partial funding from your local council. We work very closely with councils to deliver the best possible solution to clients. Instead of contacting us directly, reach out to your local council for options. They will usually contact us and arrange everything for you.


    If required our professional surveyor can visit your home and carry out a survey to help you determine the feasibility and layout of a ramp or steps, usually free of charge!


    We can then provide you with layout drawings and 3D renders, designed to meet your specific needs and budget. We can also advise you on rules and regulations for different ramps.


    Our engineers can supply and install ramps anywhere on the UK mainland. Our professionally trained installation engineers are CSCS qualified.


    We can quickly remove your ramp when you no longer need it, usually free of charge.

    Residential Access Ramp Case Studies

    Platforms are fitted level with your internal floor, for seamless access to the outside. However, some garden hoses and waste pipes threatened to throw cold water on this particular platform!
    The garden had a complex shape that required a bit more than an off the shelf ramp. We worked with the client on this tricky case to ensure we met their needs safely.
    In this very simple case, our client needed very shallow steps to aid their mobility. The doorway in question was littered with issues for other solutions.